One of Nan’s Interests – New Boss Takes the Helm at Opera Naples

Dennis Hanthorn, a man with more than 3 decades of music organization leadership has taken the role as executive director of Opera Naples. The company made the decision after almost 6 months of searching  for a perfect fit.  He is said to be “mission-minded” and will be a grand addition to Opera Naples. He has experience as a managing director for 7 years at the Dayton Opera Association in Ohio, 15 years as the general director at Milwaukee Florentine Opera Company, and 8 years as general director and CEO of the Atlanta Opera.

In all positions he served an irreplaceable role by balancing the budgets and helping the companies maintain stability during the recession, but overall had success in doing so. He actually helped them profit more than expected.  He left the Atlanta Opera with $6 million in the bank and $1.2 million in reserve funds.

Hanthorn has a masters degree in music administration from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.  He also has served as secretary and membership committee chair of the membership committee on the board of directors of OPERA America, the nonprofit support organization for companies and professionals.

He has replaced Carol Shaw, the former executive director and CEO of Opera Naples, who retired in June at the end of the 2014-2015 season.

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