What is a bundled golf community?

What is a bundled golf community? When considering the question, there is a simple answer with several benefits and potential downfalls to consider. A bundled golf community exists when the golf club membership is included or “bundled” with the purchase of a home or condo. Although annual membership dues are still required, there is typically no up front initiation fee. In addition to golf privileges, the annual membership dues give you access to other club amenities that may include tennis, pool, fitness center, clubhouse dining, and other social activities.


  • More affordable option
  • Transferrable membership to renters or to new owners with the sale of the home
  • Ideal for recreational golfers who only play 2-3 times per week

Potential Downfalls:

  • Typically there are a lot of members because every household in the community has a membership and each household has potentially more than one resident
  • Golf course may be very busy thereby limiting tee time choices
  • Not ideal for avid golfers who want to play every day with varying tee times that accommodate their schedule
  • Not ideal for people who don’t golf or who don’t plan to use other clubhouse

Is a Bundled Golf Community Right for Me?

To answer this question you should consider the following:

  • Do you play golf? If not, then you need to understand that you will be paying for golf facilities regardless of your interest in the game. If you don’t intend to play then the next question should revolve around whether you plan to use other club amenities including social engagement events.
  • How many residences are in the community? For every front door there are potentially two golf members. If there are 500 front doors that could mean 1000 golf members vying for the desirable tee times and that can mean not always getting to play on your preferred day or time.
  • What is their reciprocal golf program? This question is especially important for year round residents who want to explore other golf courses and social outlets in Southwest Florida. In the six months between May and October that constitute the off season in Southwest Florida, many private clubs participate in reciprocal programs that welcome members of partnering clubs to play on their courses and dine in their clubhouses.

Overall, bundled golf communities can offer great advantages for seasonal and year round residents alike, as well as investors, and those who appreciate having a vested and shared interest in the prosperity of the community. It all depends on what your golfing needs and social goals are.

Source: John R Wood Blog – Ashley Wells