Email Attachments? Many won’t make it through!

Hackers often use email attachments as a doorway into your computer. As a result, many providers ban certain types, and Gmail will nix even more starting Feb. 13. The reason: Some types of files are easier for hackers to use than other types.

The “type” of email attachment refers to the “extension,” which is a few letters stuck behind the final period. Gmail, for example, currently won’t forward files that have “.exe”, “.msc” or “.bat” extensions at the end. And starting Feb. 13, it will not forward JavaScript extensions that have “.js” at the end.

Users who try to attach a .js file to an email after Feb. 13 will receive a notification that says the message was blocked “because its content presents a potential security issue.” Compressed .js files stored within a .zip form will also be flagged.

If you need to send a .js file, Google suggests you use Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, or other storage solutions.

“JavaScript is a common language used when developing web applications, and while .js files are not inherently bad, you shouldn’t open them if sent from an unknown source since hackers can use them to gain access to a user’s PC and install downloaders for a ransomware or other types of malware,” TechSpot reports.

Source: “Gmail Will Block JavaScript File Attachments Starting Next Month,” TechSpot (Jan. 26, 2017)

New Home Sales Drop in December 2016

An extremely noticeable decrease in home sales resulted from the November presidential election, worsening affordability and potentially curbing sales as more buyers cope with affordability issues.   The Commerce Department said that new-home sales fell 10.4 percent to 536,000.

30-year-fixed-loan rates increased to 4.19 percent, up from 3.65 percent average from 2016, which was at its lowest since 1971.  Low rates and a shortage of inventory should have boosted prices.

n the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, financial markets are expecting faster economic growth from tax cuts and rising levels of inflation. Interest rates for both the 10-year Treasury note and mortgages have swung higher as a result.

The median sales price for a new home in December was $322,500, a 7.8 percent increase over the past year that easily outpaced average wage growth.

New-home purchases fell in the Midwest, South and West last month and increased in the Northeast. Sales of new homes can be volatile on a monthly basis.

As rates rise, there are other signs that would-be buyers are holding off.

The National Association of Realtors said Tuesday that sales of existing homes fell 2.8 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.49 million.

Local Investors Have Done It Again!

James and Christopher Schucart who are known as Fifth Avenue Investments LLC have purchased another building: 837 Fifth Avenue S.  It is one of the first store fronts on the right hand side that you can notice when you enter Fifth Ave from US-41. Engel & Volkers, and Chops City Grill are currently renting in this building.  The two story building was sold at a hefty $7.98 million.  No major plans to change the building at this time. The Schucart duo have purchased more than a dozen properties on Fifth Avenue S since October 2015.

Naples’ Home Sales Fell 13 Percent in 2016

Reports from Nabor say there is a rise in existing home inventory.  Local realtors have faced several challenges in 2016 which shows the 2016 annual report.  Closed sales dropped about 13 percent to 8,510 last year from 9,751 in 2015.

In 2016, Naples’ real estate market saw a stock market slump in February, a low Canadian exchange rate, and health concerns over Zika and Brexit that spread across Florida.  Also, a nasty presidential campaign which has shook consumer confidence nationally.

In 2016, single-family sales decreased 8% over the year, while condominium sales fell nearly 17%.  Pending sales(sales that are under contract) fell about 14% as well.  Local realtors also faced the competition of new home development which also played a large role in fewer sales of older homes last year.

Overall inventory increased by 34%. Naples Beach saw that highest number of new listings with 437 homes added to its inventory and also the biggest decline in sales over the year by 21%.

John R Wood Broker, Coco Waldenmayer said, “Inventory is going up, but pricing is remaining very constant, so we seem to be defying the law of supply and demand”.   The inventory level is expected to continue its path of growth in 2017.  The stability of prices and larger inventory should provide buyers with more options.

The first 100 days of our new administration in office will be closely watched and the more positive things that they do for our economy, the better consumer confidence will become. In hopes, the number of sales in 2017 will increase.


Top 10 Home Sales of 2016 in Collier County

  1. 3845 Fort Charles Drive sold for $15,150,000   List: $16,450,000 | Built: 1981 | Bedrooms: 6+ | Baths: 13
  2. 3110 Gin Lane sold for $14,200,000                                  List: $14,995,000 | Built: 2016 | Bedrooms: 5+ | Baths: 6/2
  3. 1085 Nelsons Walk sold for $13,540,000               List: $14,900,000 | Built: 2011 | Bedrooms: 6+ | Baths: 6/2
  4. 3510 Fort Charles Drive sold for $13,000,000       List: $13,900,000 | Built: 2015 | Bedrooms: 5+ | Baths: 5/2
  5. 3125 Rum Row sold for $12,465,000                        List: $12,995,000 | Built: 1999 | Bedrooms: 6+ | Baths: 7/2
  6. 3292 Green Dolphin Lane sold for $11,500,000  List: $12,750,000 | Built: 2015 | Bedrooms: 6+ | Baths: 7/2
  7. 990 Aqua Circle sold for $10,250,000                        List: $10,500,000 | Built: 2004 | Bedrooms: 5+ | Baths: 5/1
  8. 3800 Gordon Drive sold for $10,200,000              List: $10,999,000 | Built: 1982 | Bedrooms: 3 | Baths: 3/1
  9. 8477 Bay Colony Condo sold for $10,200,000   List: $10,755,000 | Built: 1998 | Bedrooms: 4 | Baths: 4/1
  10. 1200 Galleon Drive sold for $10,100,000               List: $11,400,000 | Built: 2015 | Bedrooms: 6+ | Baths: 6/2

The International Firm Festival will now be apart of Artis!

The Artis-Naples will now be overseeing the Naples International Film Festival.  It is said to increase the festival’s showings and blend in live music shows.

The festival’s former director, Shannon Franklin will return as a consultant while their team goes through a transition stage and also expands the amount and caliber of events at the Artis-Naples.

Artis-Naples already has two film series between December and April months.  They will be quite familiar to the festivals that film lovers have attended before.  There will still be a red carpet opening night with a screening party.  These are regularly scheduled in late October and early November and are played at the Silverspot Cinema in the Mercato in North Naples.

The CEO and President of Artis-Naples, Kathleen Van Bergen has been working diligently over the past few months to merge the Naples International Film Festival with Artis-Naples.  They believe this will help the festival grow and expand. The organization could not be happier.  It was said to be a logical decision by the film festival president, Bill Hoffman.

Also, a 5-year contract was signed with the Naples Philharmonic that the orchestra will create live soundtrack music behind the films. The 9th annual film festival is scheduled to begin Oct 26th and the tickets will go on sale through Artis-Naples.

Women’s March in Naples Tallied About 2,500

On Saturday, January 21st, the day after the inauguration, about 2,500 people give or take marched down the streets of downtown Naples to support the rights that have been very important in the past presidential election.  The crowd was peaceful and spread their love from Cambier Park to Fifth Avenue S to Third Street south.

Some chanted, “Love, not hate, will keep America great!”  Some created signs that read, “Girls just want to have FUN-damental rights”,; “HumanRights/Derechos Humanos”; “Don’t take my health care.”; “Equality for All People”; “Climate change is real; can you live underwater?”  These people came together to fight for the same values they want to uphold and to make it right for the future generations.

It wasn’t just a group of women, but also men who were there to support the women.  Some were there for fear of what the future will bring to all people in America.  There is a great deal of concern for what is going to happen.  The House of Representatives have already proposed 60 bills to repeal Obamacare, but nothing to replace it.  There were also people who expressed their concern for their friends and family who are immigrants and undocumented.