Naples’ City Board Approves Hotel Plan for 3rd St Plaza

Positive remarks were made about the plan to transform the old Third Street Plaza into a 118-room hotel and passed board approval.  Demolition should start very soon and construction will be underway to replace the 25-year-old plaza that has been known as an eye-sore that did not really fit in its beautiful location.   They want the property to have it’s highest and best use and believe the new hotel will be absolutely stunning.

The hotel is said that it will include a fitness room, solarium, spa, cafe, and palm trees lining 3rd St and Gordon Dr.  The board did request further plans for the project’s landscaping on Gordon Dr. after neighbors voiced their concerns that the “intensity” of the project would have a negative impact on the nearby residential area. The board also discussed where the entrances to the hotel would be to avoid creating traffic on Third St by making the decision to keep the entry on Broad Ave and exit on Gordon Dr.

Naples’ Gulfshore Playhouse Purchaes 3 Acres of Land

For those of you who aren’t avid theatre attendees, the Gulfshore Playhouse was founded over a decade ago by Kristen Coury, who saw the need for a professional theater group in Naples.  It started to thrive over the years, receiving a substantial amount of awards and and donations to create their excellent productions.

Recently, the Gulfshore Playhouse announced that they entered into a purchase agreement for a 3-acre site at Goodlette-Frank Rd and 1st Avenue N.  A new, state-of-the-art theatre and education complex will help to produce a broader season that will feature more musicals, new works, and Broadway productions.   The education portion of the facility is planned to offer programs for families, adults, and children.  There will also be a focus on at-risk youth.

This all has been made possible due to the generous $10 million matching gift from local philanthropists and long-time benefactors of the Gulfshore Playhouse, Patty and Jay Baker.  They have started a campaign to continue raising funds for the cost of the new, high-quality theatre complex.


Former Naples Daily News Site Has NEW Plans

The old site of the Naples Daily News building has plans of redevelopment of a condominium that will house 200 condos and also 3,000 sqft of commercial space.  The exact location is 1075 Central Avenue and if you’ve ever driven by it, the vacant land was screaming for some new construction attention being a very prestigious and ideal location since redevelopment is surging up and down Central Avenue in downtown Naples.

Anthony Solomon from the Ronto Group, a Naples real estate firm, presented preliminary sketches to the city for final approval of the architectural drawings in hopes for city board approval.  They are still deciding on the condo sizes and prices, but it is said that it will not change the plan that has already been approved.

See full article from NDN:

Guess Who Slaps 20% Tariff on Canadian Softwood Imports?

Recently,  the Trump administration intensified the trade dispute between Canada and United States with a 20% tariff on imported softwood lumber.  The U.S. typically had a pleasant trading relationship with Canada prior to this decision.  Another trade item that may be affected soon is dairy goods.  President Trump has attempted to sway Canada’s policy on pricing domestic milk in hopes for lower product prices.  Canada’s government highly disagrees with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decisions and persuasions defining them as unfair and punitive.  The Canadian government wants to properly function under the Free Trade Agreement, but the more the U.S. accuses Canada regarding trading dairy products, the more they warn the U.S. this will also have a negative affect on Americans that plan to build and renovate homes using this very popular lumber used for building.  Last year in 2016, imports of softwood lumber business reported to be around $5.5 billion.

No reason to panic! Naples Real Estate is STILL Rocking!

Every year in the springtime, Naples Realtors gather at the Naples Grande Hotel for the annual Economic Summit.   Economist, Elliot Eisenberg was the keynote speaker and very familiar, entrusting, and enthusiastic face that provides a plethora of information on where the economy stands and what that means for the real estate market.

He presented a long list of reasons why real estate agents in Naples should indefinitely feel good about the national economy.  He expressed his thoughts from his extensive research stating that low unemployment rates, wage growth, and rising house prices should make them “feel good”.

Certainly the news and media can make the nation feel whatever they want us to feel when it comes to stock market or what policy President, Donald Trump will propose next, including the one that to cut the corporate tax rate by more than half.  Concerns of Trump’s tax plan are that it would expand the federal deficit and send interest rats soaring.  However,  Eisenberg says that he doesn’t expect it to get through a divided Congress.

Local market expert, Cindy Carroll, of Carroll & Carroll Appraisers & Consultants in Naples, shared her take on the local real estate market trends as well.  She advised her audience not feel panicked.  The housing inventory has increased 23 percent over the past year from 2016, but the growth is slowing down which hopefully will lead to a balanced market.  Carroll also said based on the past 5 months, pending sales and closed sales are beginning to rebound after a the decrease in 2016.  She believes the market may have turned a corner and the new development in Naples will expand its growth and strengthen the economy even more.

Plans of a NEW hotel to replace vacant 3rd St Plaza in Olde Naples

Owners, Anne and Charles Camallier III of the Third Street Plaza in downtown Naples wish to replace the existing vacant shopping center with a 118-room hotel!  They have submitted plans for demolition and to rebuild the 25 year old property from the ground, up to a two-story hotel that lines Gordon Drive and Broad Avenue S.  In addition to the two-story hotel,  the Camallier’s have also planned to have two floors of room above 3 store-fronts of retail space.

Other plans have been submitted throughout the years, however this plan has been the significant and appealing.  It is said that the hotel will bring more traffic to the Third Street Shopping District and have confident expectations of it’s  contribution to the success of the economy.  The retail space will not include restaurants to avoid the already existing competition on 3rd St.  Their proposal is set for review and approval by Naples City Council on May 24th, 2017.



New Website Debuts for City of Naples

Just last week a new website debuted for the City of Naples.  It features a completely revamped home page that is easier to navigate, has a tropical theme, and is user friendly to its visitors.  They’ve incorporated new tabs/links that are frequently asked questions of collier county citizens which has helped make navigating the site easier.

There are pages that allow visitors to conduct city business such as starting a new water service or applying for a business license.  There are also pages available to report a code violation or submit a 5 star review for a city employee.  Official records have become easier to access and obtain as well.

The city made an agreement in November 2016 to Aha Consulting $18,500 to rebuild the site from its original, bland appearance.   Aha Consulting designed a website that gives a sense of the Naples’ beach/tropical location with a beautiful beach background.

Go to website:

Study Shows Immigrants are KEY to Home Ownership Growth

A study done by Urban Land Institute reports if the current levels of the housing market are not sustained, the industry could suffer.  They noted that immigrants have encouraged the strengthening of the housing market throughout its recovery from the crash in 2009.   Immigrants have a purchasing power that act as economic assets for metropolitan areas all over the United States.  Urban Land Institute also suggested the potential for more growth is creditable to the foreign-born residents in the years to come.

Typically, immigrants have purchased single family homes and have focused on migrating to suburbs in search of better employment opportunities and lower cost of housing and living.  So, if the immigration flows continue and there is an increase in higher-income immigrants,  this could increase the demand for home ownership for foreign-born residents.  Without sustained immigration, the housing market could weaken in several markets around the country and this would be devastating to the overall housing market.

What is a bundled golf community?

What is a bundled golf community? When considering the question, there is a simple answer with several benefits and potential downfalls to consider. A bundled golf community exists when the golf club membership is included or “bundled” with the purchase of a home or condo. Although annual membership dues are still required, there is typically no up front initiation fee. In addition to golf privileges, the annual membership dues give you access to other club amenities that may include tennis, pool, fitness center, clubhouse dining, and other social activities.


  • More affordable option
  • Transferrable membership to renters or to new owners with the sale of the home
  • Ideal for recreational golfers who only play 2-3 times per week

Potential Downfalls:

  • Typically there are a lot of members because every household in the community has a membership and each household has potentially more than one resident
  • Golf course may be very busy thereby limiting tee time choices
  • Not ideal for avid golfers who want to play every day with varying tee times that accommodate their schedule
  • Not ideal for people who don’t golf or who don’t plan to use other clubhouse

Is a Bundled Golf Community Right for Me?

To answer this question you should consider the following:

  • Do you play golf? If not, then you need to understand that you will be paying for golf facilities regardless of your interest in the game. If you don’t intend to play then the next question should revolve around whether you plan to use other club amenities including social engagement events.
  • How many residences are in the community? For every front door there are potentially two golf members. If there are 500 front doors that could mean 1000 golf members vying for the desirable tee times and that can mean not always getting to play on your preferred day or time.
  • What is their reciprocal golf program? This question is especially important for year round residents who want to explore other golf courses and social outlets in Southwest Florida. In the six months between May and October that constitute the off season in Southwest Florida, many private clubs participate in reciprocal programs that welcome members of partnering clubs to play on their courses and dine in their clubhouses.

Overall, bundled golf communities can offer great advantages for seasonal and year round residents alike, as well as investors, and those who appreciate having a vested and shared interest in the prosperity of the community. It all depends on what your golfing needs and social goals are.

Source: John R Wood Blog – Ashley Wells


Priciest Homes for Sale in Southwest Florida!

Priciest Homes for Sale in Southwest Florida – It’s no secret that Southwest Florida is home to some of the wealthiest individuals in America, including six of the world’s billionaires, so it should come as no surprise that it’s also the destination where you will find some of the most impressive waterfront estates and the priciest homes for sale in Florida.

As of February 2017, reported on 10 of the most expensive homes in Florida which span from Hobe Sound and Palm Beach to Manalapan and Miami, down to Key Largo and back across to Naples, Florida. The highest price home tops out at $195 million.

In Naples, our very own Port Royal listing located at 2750 Gordon Drive took the number 10 spot for this article with a listing price of $58 million but has since been bumped by 3100 Gordon Drive, which now holds the title as the priciest home for sale in Southwest Florida at $65 million.


Priciest Homes for Sale in Southwest Florida

3100 Gordon Drive

Of the priciest homes for sale in Southwest Florida, this masterpiece is also described as one of the most significant beachfront residences ever created along the Gulf of Mexico. This Island-Colonial mansion is brilliantly orchestrated to capture stunning Gulf vistas that sweep out beyond an expansive 277-foot length of private beach. Crowning 4.08 acres and 15,995 square feet including a 93-foot terrace, 66-foot pool with spa, and a 7-car collector’s garage all designed by Smith Architectural Group and constructed by Newbury North Associates.

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Priciest Homes for Sale in Southwest Florida

2750 Gordon Drive

Named La Capanna, this beachfront estate, designed and crafted by A. Vernon Allen Builders, presents an old world Italian renaissance ambiance that lives like a Mediterranean seaside resort. Beyond a gated entry, park-like grounds part to reveal a palatial 18,172 square foot estate home that includes a home theater, beachside game room, fitness center, infinity edge pool with cabana and a pergola covered spa, plus a guest house, 5-bay collectors garage, 500-bottle wine room, and state-of-the-art electronics with whole house Crestron automation.

As for the health of the multi-million-dollar luxury real estate market, “$5 million to $10 million homes have been selling almost every day since the Super Bowl,” said Bill Earls, listing agent for both Naples estates and top producing realtor with John R. Wood Properties. According to Earls, the high-end market is coming alive again following a dramatic election period.

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By Ashley Wells  |   March 28, 2017